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심현우 (Hyunwoo Shim)

I’m willing to join to face the technical challenge as a software engineer, doing my best to solve any problem with progressive attitude and passion. and always seeking the chance to expand my knowledge and skills.

I’m happy to share my skills and experiences with other people any time, hoping to make a better world by creating the best-sofeware with my ability.




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Tech Stack

Classification Stack
Language Python, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, JSP/Servlet, HTML5, CSS/SASS, markdown
Framework Spring, SpringBoot, Android, Django, Node.js
DataStores PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Redis
Libraries RxJava, React.js, ReactNative, Redux, Django RestFramework
devOps Docker, DockerCompose, Terraform, Amazon AWS EC2/S3/RDS/Route53/ElasticBeanstalk/CloudWatch/Lambda/ECS/Codebuild/CodePipeline, Firebase Auth/DB/Cloud Messaging
Version Control Git, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket
Build/Test JUnit, pytest, Selenium, Webpack, Gradle, Maven, Mocha, Travis
Monitoring Crashlytics, Sentry
OS Ubuntu, Windows
Tools Jira, Slack, Trello, Postman
Editor IntelliJ/Android Studio, PyCharm, VSCode

Work Experiences

아테나스랩 (Athenaslab) :: 2017.05 ~ 2018.08

일상연구소 (Daily Company) :: 2018.11 ~ Now




Military service